Ansell - a global leader in Protection Solutions
Medical Solutions Ansell Medical Healthcare is a global manufacturer of latex-free and natural rubber latex surgical and examination gloves, marketing and supplying medical gloves to the healthcare industry, including GPs & Day Surgeries, Hospitals, Dentists and other healthcare professionals. Some of our widely recognised quality brands of medical gloves include Gammex®, Encore® and Micro-Touch®. Ansell has the broadest range of medical gloves in the healthcare industry and a renowned after sales support, as well as latex-free gloves for allergies and sensitivities.
Industrial Solutions Ansell Industrial Healthcare provides workers with gloves that maximise protection, dexterity, comfort and grip across a wide range of industrial applications. Whether the job requires the handling of sharp edges, the manipulation of small parts, the operation of heavy machinery, the use of chemicals or food preparation, Ansell’s work gloves deliver improved safety, efficiency and performance, which results in greater workplace productivity and reduced safety costs. Some of our widely recognised brands of industrial gloves include Hyflex®, ActivArmr®, Vileda and Alphatec®.
Sexual Health & Wellbeing Ansell Sexual Health and Wellbeing manufactures a range of condom brands including LifeStyles®, Australia’s number one condom. Ansell condoms come in a wide variety of textures, flavours, colours, shapes and sizes to suit every need and occasion. Whether it is a LifeStyles® chocolate flavoured ribbed condom or an amazing ZERO Über-Thin, Ansell condoms can add excitement and sensation!